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Department of Sports and Leisure Studies

Department of Sports and Leisure Studies

Department of Sports and Leisure Studies
Professionals in Sports and Leisure Studies with integrity and challenging spirit or (Training sports leaders with both challenging spirit and good character).
Department of Sports and Leisure Studies
The Department of Sports and Leisure Studies fosters future professionals in sport community for the global era by offering a systematic curriculum all the way from enrollment to graduation to provide community with future experts for the development of sport industries. We offer a wide understanding in the role of sports in the modern societies and in-depth knowledge in the functions of physical exercises.


  • The Department of Sports and Leisure Studies offers a field-oriented education on the theories, field skills and practices to produce highly qualified professionals for the society. The Department offers a variety of career opportunities to satisfy department's objectives. Many alumni in Sports and Leisure Studies are highly professional in their field.

Educational objectives

  • To foster professional sports leaders in line with globalization, we offer a wide understanding of the social roles in sporting activities, in-depth knowledge of the functions of physical exercises. Moreover, we provide opportunities to interact with sister universities around the world.

Departmental Vision

  • To provide students with a variety of opportunities to participate in sports to discover their talent; to educate sports instructors for the society; to foster professional physical educators to contribute to the local community and nation.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
Freshman History of Physical Education Culture I II, Swimming I II, Golfing I II, Summer Sports I, Winter Sports I, Professional Development and Career Planning, Basic Liberal Arts, Core Liberal Arts for Competence Building
Sophomore Exercise Physiology, Exercise Anatomy, Physical Education for Children, Physical Education for the Elderly, Health Education I II, Basketball I II, Summer Sports II, Winter Sports II
Junior Sport Psychology, Sport Sociology, Sport Emergency, Sport Ethics, Exercise Injury, Sport Nutrition, New Sport I II, Recreation I II
Senior Career Exploration in Sports, Social Physical Education Seminar, Exercise Functions, Chronic Illnesses and Exercise, Exercise Therapy, Table Tennis I Ⅱ

Career options

  • Sport instructor, health exercise specialist
  • Sport instructor for the disabled
  • Sport instructor for the youths
  • elderly
  • Sport instructor
  • Personal trainer
  • Athletic trainers, sport referees
  • Sport instructor, physical education institutes
  • Sport center operator or instructor