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Develop a humanitarian mind through reading
Humanitarian thinking and insights begin from reading habits.
Far East University operates the reading support programs to develop positive values and expand knowledge in future professionals.

01. Extensive reader awards

Improvement in reading comprehension and basic learning skills through reading

Student supports
Purpose 1) To expand the perspective in the world and develop reading comprehension through reading books
2) To easily identify the pattern of sentences and increase logical thinking by reading as much as possible
3) To improve writing skills to express easily comprehensible sentences through reading comprehension and logical thinking
Schedule April, May, June, September, October, November
Target All current students
Content Three extensive readers are selected every month to award a certain amount of scholarship (During semester only)
Effect 1) Enhancing reading comprehension and basic learning skills through the extensive reader awards program and reading
2) Contributing to the settlement of the reading culture

02. Book review contest

Strengthening independent thinking and expression skills through writing

Student supports
Purpose 1) To strengthen competence in liberal arts by reading books in the humanities and writing reviews
2) Writing skills are among the most important factors for success in university and workplace
3) Learning thinking progress through writing (more effective communication and rational thinking)
4) Pursuasive writing skills make the qualities of a proactive and rationally-thinking professional beyond simple learning effects
Schedule May, June
Target All current students
Content Awarding a small amount of scholarship after deliberating book reviews from current students
Effect 1) Enhancing independent thinking and expressive skills through the book review contest
2) Developing communication and learning skills

03. Electronic information exhibition

Experience various electronic information resources serviced by the libraries to develop information processing skills and creative ㆍ convergent thinking

Student supports
Purpose 1) To resolve information problems by using various electronic information sources and recognizing the learning issues through academic studies
2) To positively react to the changes in information and telecommunication technologies to enhance information processing skills to resolve information issues independently
3) To create new information knowledge through the process of integrating and converging various information
Schedule October
Target All current students
Content A electronic information exhibition for current students to recommend gift (sponsored)
Effect 1) Developing information handling skills and creative and convergent thinking skills by experiencing various electronic information resources serviced by the libraries through the electronic information exhibition program
2) Cultivating various information re-processing skills

04. Far East 100 Selection

Enhancing field adaptability through the recommended reading list by discipline reflecting the latest trend

Student supports
Purpose To learn the latest trends through various extracurricular books (essay, novel, self-help, graphic novel, etc.)
Schedule All year
Target All current students
Content Recommendation of 100 books selected by the faculties
Effect : 1) Developing field skills through the disciplinary recommended reading of the latest trend
2) Increasing the intimacy between the faculties and students