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Department of Air Mobility

Department of Air Mobility
The transport revolution in the air, within our grasp.
Department of Air Mobility
The Department of Air Mobility is the first of its kind in Korea in a university that specializes in aviation, created to lead the new aviation transport market. The focus will be on the growth of core UAM talent.
Global consulting companies will start commercialization of vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVOLT) used in the UAM industry in 2025. 500 will be produced, and in 2035 about 43,000 will be operated. This market is expected to grow into a colossal USD 1.5 trillion global market by 2040.

For this purpose, the best experts on UAM, unmanned aerial vehicle, and aircraft propulsion systems have been invited. Full-time professors have aviation experience and research capability. There will be in-depth learning/research regarding the manufacturing/design of vertical take-off and landing aircraft, development/design of complex materials using carbon fiber and applied technologies, state-of-the-art sensor engineering and 5G-based communication systems for safe operation, information transfer systems based on AI and block chain technology, development of design capability, etc.


  • 1. Nurturing of future-oriented UAM experts
    • Nurturing of combined work capabilities for UAM standard development and specialized knowledge regarding aircraft construction (in adjustment to new environments) for the nurturing of UAM professionals.
  • 2. Learning about combined design capabilities
    • Nurturing of vertical take-off and landing aircraft design and manufacturing capability through systematic engineering education and in-field practice of basic principles.
  • 3. Learning about new state-of-the-art industrial fields through field-focused education
    • Learning and research performed by actual future technologies by students for the nurturing of talent that is strong in the field, through direct/indirect participation in the major state-of-the-art products of research institutions.
  • 4. Nurturing of talent with international competitiveness
    • Global UAM development is being conducted by the likes of Boeing (US), Air Bus (France), Iwang (China), Velocopter (Germany), Lilium, etc. Focused English education and linguistic ability for foreign expansion will allow students to have the capacity to grow into world leaders.

Path after graduation

  • Government (affiliated) institutions: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport - Air Traffic Management Office, Korea Airports Corporation, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Korea Transport Institute, Agency for Defense Development, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology, etc.
  • Army: Drone, unmanned aerial vehicle development/repair divisions in the army, navy, and air force, UAM-related division officers, noncoms, civilian workers in the military
  • e-VTOL manufacturers: Jobs can be had at Hyundai Motor Company, Hanhwa Systems, LIG Nex1, SK Telecom, KAI, Vessel, and other foreign UAM manufacturers
  • Part manufacturing and repair businesses: KAI, Samsung Techwin, LIG Nex1, Daewoo Heavy Industries, Hyundai Wia, Hanhwa, Korea Heavy Industries, FIRSTEC, Kames Aerospace, KPI Carbon, AEROTECH, KSYS, KOMACO, etc.


  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Aviation Mobility Mechanic Certification (to be developed)
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Aviation Engineer Aircraft
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Aviation Industrial Engineer Aircraft Maintenance
  • Human Resources Development Service of Korea, Big Data Analysis Engineer
  • KDATA, data analysis expert (ADsP, ADP)