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Department of Bio Food Science

Department introduction

Department introduction
Gene map changed by food! Actualize your dream at Far East University
Department of Bio Food Science
We have adopted a new educational program to Actualize the academic and career goals of students as the future experts in food and nutrition that will continue to develop along with the human history. The academic studies in this program will be the direct preparations for career. As future convergent professionals, students will enjoy their career assured by polishing their integrity, morality, professionalism, andpracticalskills for 4 years.


  • The core of the education offered by the Department of Bio Food Science is as follows: first, the Department offers the access to the expertise in natural sciences such as localized processing techniques, as well as the humanities and social science in management, marketing, international affairs, and services by combining the bio-field that is not dealt by other disciplines in food. Second, the Department has designed a field-focused simulation curriculum for students to apply themselves to become nutritionists and health professionals in South Korea. Third, the Department runs a mentoring program and integrity camp under academic advisers to bring down the barrier between students and the faculty, and seniors and juniors. Fourth, getting certified to be hygienist is a requisite for graduation, and the Department runs a variety programs for language skills, certification, and competence building through student clubs and intensive educational programs during vacation. Fifth, the Department cultivates creative problem- solving skills through experiment clubs and entrepreneurship clubs to offer intensive quality education aside from the major field of study to educate future professionals with sustainable integrity and capabilities.

Educational objectives

  • To educate problem-solving professionals based on the theories and practical skills demanded by the industry through the customized curriculum in combination with the humanities and social science for future career based on market demand

Departmental Vision

  • The students in the Department of Bio Food Science in Far East University will discover their changed self after graduation through the systems of financial aid, global competence building, student- centered education and value promotion. Also, our students will find directions in their navigation to their dream with the Department and the University walking along with them as the ultimate goal of education and reason for their being.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Personal Development and Career Planning, Integrity and Leadership, Culture and Food Life, Introduction to Food Studies, General Chemical Experiments, Food Microbial Experiments, Basic Liberal Arts, Core Liberal Arts
Second Year Introduction to Nutrition, Physiology, Food Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Cooking Principles, Food Analysis and Experiment, Instrument Analysis and Experiment, Statistics and Practice, Core Liberal Arts, KFLP
Third Year Food Technology, Food Technology Experiments, Fermented Food Science, Food Sanitation, HACCP Theories and Practicum, Food Quality Management, Nutritional Biochemistry, Life Cycle Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Local Community Nutrition, Diet Therapy, Group Meal Service, Integrated Liberal Arts
Fourth Year Functional Sitology, Special Theories on Food Therapy, Nutrition Education, Nutritional Evaluation, Meal Service Management, Nutritionist Field Practicum

Career options

  • Production (quality) management, sales, marketing, and product development in food companies and related corporations (pharmacy, bio materials, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Civil servants for government agencies such as the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Agency of HACCP Accreditation & Service, Food Quarantine, Korea Food Research Institute
  • Nutritionist for group meal service, clinical nutritionist in hospitals, nutritionist in elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Editor and reporter in health for the press or publication