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President' Message

President's message

Find your dream and make many opportunities in Far East University

President of Far East University

  • Far East University highly values

    fostering determined professionals who welcome the new challenges.
    We offer a variety of educational opportunities for personal development and maximize educational output through field experience by supporting a string of experiential activities.

    Our university accepts new students

    with a focus on a sense of future goals and willingness to take challenges and put them into action. With experienced faculties, new students design their fouryear curricula for their own career paths and aptitudes and explore the convergent major programs in conjunction with related fields and required skills for their academic programs. In other words, they will choose an adequate convergent discipline and complete the courses to build their skills in that area in addition to the expertise from the program, their major studies.

  • Through this major programs and convergent certification programs,

    students will develop into qualified professionals in their discipline. They will acquire a sense of morality, balanced and complex thinking, and knowledge in liberal arts through the liberal art program in the convergent education in your discipline.

    Also, students will choose a language communication program (English, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) that is most beneficial to the major program through in-depth counseling with the faculty in our global education program. Students are also encouraged to select a global language immersive program for their career option and personal aptitude. Every year, top performing students are selected for the global exchange program. Students will strengthen their language communication skills in a rich global experience through the well-structured education and hands-on program abroad.

    Why don’t you gain confidence in global communication skills from the strong curricula and convergent educational programs at our university, and make many opportunities to advance to the field?