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Department of Elementary Special Education

Department introduction

Department introduction
We will be the eyes, ears, hands and feet to children
Department of Elementary Special Education
The Department of Elementary Special Education offers an understanding in students with intellectual disability, learning disability, autistic disability, communication disability, emotional and behavioral disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and physical disability, through a set of courses to explore and develop their educational activities for their needs. In connection with the actual field of special education, we offer practicum in ‘disability student assessment’ and ‘language and behavioral guidance’ to raise elementary special education teachers demanded at field. The departmental specialization programs offer intensive field practicum in connection with Seoul, Gyeonggi, and local communities, regular education and cooperation system with experts, research and scholarship programs, field education program, and one-on-one support.


  • The Department of Elementary Special Education in Far East University has personalized starting points and objectives for students from different backgrounds for competence building as special education teachers. An academic supervisor and career adviser are designated by year for regular personalized and group counseling, customized consulting programs for learning competence building, special lectures by alumni and experts, tutoring programs, mock lesson competitions, teaching tool exhibition, presentation for improvement in disability awareness, academic seminars, and night of special education, etc. The Department is supervised by a small supporting system from entry to graduation through the academic adviser system.

Educational objectives

  • Elementary special education teachers with compatibility and professionalism The Department of Elementary Special Education focuses on training elementary special education teachers with a sense of professionalism and integration. The Department educates on the system and operation of the elementary special education curricula to develop qualified educators with a theoretical base and practical skills. For this, the Department offers a curriculum based on practicality and professionalism for the field of education.

Departmental Vision

  • The Department of Elementary Special Education in Far East University prioritizes the development of special education teachers with integrity, as detailed below, to make a kind and happy community. The special education teachers from our Department should: First, learn and give love; Second, be equipped with multidisciplinary capacities through creative thinking; Third, integrate the theories and practice; Fourth, be professionally qualified to educate with an understanding in children with special education needs. The fifth Special Education Development Plan announced in December 2017 includes an expansion plan to 22 special education schools and 1,250 special education classes up to 2022. We are fully committed in educating special education teachers equipped with professional qualifications and compassion

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Special Education Practicum, Growth and Development of Children with Special Needs, Understanding in the Elementary Curriculum, Observation and Guidance in Elementary Special Education, Behavioral Guidance for Children with Special Needs, Theories in Special Education
Second Year Education for Children with Intellectual Disability, Education for Children with Physical Disability, Education for Children with Visual Disability, Education for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disability, Education or Children with Hearing Disability, Theories of Special Education Curriculum, Sensory Exercise Guidance and Curriculum Research, Elementary Art for Special Education, Elementary Mathematical Education, Elementary Music for Special Education, Logics and Discussion for Elementary Special Education
Third Year Education for Children with Communication Disability, Education for Children with Learning Disability, Education for Children with Autistic Disability, Diagnosis and Assessment for Students with Disability, Theories of Special Education, Elementary Special Education Curriculum, Teaching Tool Research and Instructional Methods, Elementary Social Studies for Special Education, Elementary Korean Language for Special Education, Elementary Science for Special Education, Elementary Physical Education for Special Education, Elementary Ethics for Special Education, Basics of Language Instruction for Children with Special Needs
Fourth Year Theories of Integrated Education for Students with Disability, Education for Parents of Children with Special Needs, Individualized Education Methodology, Theories of Special Class Management, Special Integration Curricula, Special Elementary English, Special Education-Related Services

Career options

Students acquire the full-teaching certification (2nd class) for special education (Elementary) upon graduation.

  • Special education teachings for public, national and private elementary schools (Elementary division in special schools, special education classes in general elementary schools)
  • Secondary Special education teachers (if double majored in intermediary special education)
  • Special education teachers in the welfare center for the disabled
  • Special education teachers in the support center for developmentally disabled
  • Researcher at a research institute on special education
  • Special education in the exclusive organizations for the disabled
  • Advancement to graduate schools (special education, language therapy, psychological therapy, art therapy, etc.)