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Department of Aviation Safety Management

A cradle for the world’s best aviation safety experts
(The cradle to nurture the world’s best aviation safety experts)
Department of Aviation Safety Management
Aviation engineering, a great energy source for the progress of humanity, has improved at a breathtaking speed, making the entire world only a day’s travel away. One aspect of this growth is the fact that we must assure the safety of aviation. Leading countries in aviation have already installed aviation safety departments in universities to produce aviation safety experts who are active in various fields in the aviation industry. Our university has recognized this need of the era and, out of a sense of duty, has created the first-ever Department of Aviation Safety Management.
The Department of Aviation Safety Management has the best professors rated highly as aviation safety experts and with decades of experience in domestic/foreign aviation companies. It aims to nurture competitive global safety experts that the industry sorely needs in addition to flight dispatcher, air traffic controller, airport operation experts, aviation accident investigation personnel, aviation security managers, and personnel capable of working in ICAO and other global institutions

Educational goals

  • Operation of a course for the nurturing of global aviation safety experts with international knowledge and sensibilities based on international standards/recommendations and related documents from divisions under the international civilian aviation agreement
  • Nurturing of excellent talent in the domestic aviation industry through an in-depth course on domestic aviation laws (aviation safety/security) for the nurturing of leaders in various aviation safety fields
  • Development of customized aviation safety processes needed by the domestic/foreign aviation industry
  • Development of an aviation safety course capable of ascertaining the safety/security status of the world’s and Korea’s industries and suggesting improvements
  • Development of a global aviation safety course through interchange with the aviation departments of universities in the US, UK, etc., which have produced global aviation safety experts, through which competitive talent capable of expanding into the global aviation industry can be nurtured
  • Capable job attainment guidance for jobs in foreign/domestic aviation companies, government or affiliated institutions, etc.
  • Goal for foreign language scores during attendance is (800 for TOEIC, HSK grade 5, and JPT 600)
  • Training for humanities, aptitude, social adaptation through job searching/entrepreneurship centers in the school and educational programs

Department capacity and definition

  • Nurturing of aviation safety expert capacity and accident investigation capacity that can be utilized in aviation companies, etc.
  • Creative capacity for SMS organizational management according to the ICAO and Korean AVIATION SAFETY ACT
  • Capacity for industrial safety, gas safety, fire safety, nuclear safety management that can be generally utilized in the field

Introduction of learning area

  • SMS research according to the ICAO and Korean AVIATION SAFETY ACT
  • fatigue management for pilots, human factor management theory, aviation accident investigation management theory, industrial safety management theory, etc.
  • Relevant curriculum for certification as flight dispatcher, aviation transport controllers, etc.

Additional content

[Relevant certifications]

  • Aviation Safety Management Certificate
  • Fatigue Management Certificate
  • Human Factors Management Certificate
  • Aircraft Accident Investigation Certificate
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Training Course Certificate
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Flight dispatcher, Aviation Transport Controller License
  • Ministry of Employment and Labor, Engineer Ergonomics, IndustrialEngineer Industrial Safety, Industrial Engineer Hazardous material, Industrial Engineer Quality Management
  • Industrial Safety Instructor, etc.

[Work paths after graduation]

  • Private aviation companies: Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, Air Busan, T’way Air, and other domestic/foreign airlines
  • Government institutions: Safety in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Aviation Office, army, air force, navy, Forest Aviation HQ, Coast Guard, fire safety aviation
  • Aviation public corporations: Airport operation, safety, security management in Incheon International Airport and Korea Airports Corporation
  • Airline accident investigation institutions, operation managers, aviation transport controllers, aircraft manufacturing/repair companies, etc. which need safety experts and leaders
  • Relevant regional institutions: Safety management fields in the National Fire Agency, Korea Gas Corporation, etc.