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Department of Global Culture Contents

Department introduction

Department introduction
Experts in Korea-Japanese cultural contents to express creativity with openmindedness
Department of Global Culture Contents
The Department of Japanese Culture and Tourism Contents studies Japan as one research subject with wide thinking and creativity. Students decide on the themes for research from a variety of fields related to Japan. They develop contents through converging the culture, tourism, history, animation, etc. The Department offers hands-on education to discover creative ‘Japanese culture and tourism contents’.


  • KFLP Japanese intensive course: Intensive Japanese language program instructed by native speaking instructors
  • Japan exchange program: One academic year will be spent in Bunkyo University and Tokyo Keizai University.
  • Japanese language and cultural training in Bunkyo University: Enjoy summer vacation in the training program in Bunkyo University, a sister university to Far East. Actively exchange with the Japanese students.
  • Japanese culture laboratory: a laboratory that replicates a Japanese washitsu in our university.

Educational objectives

  • We are living in the era where human life directly translates into cultural contents. With a focus on the Korean and Japanese culture, the Department offers hands-on education based on a wide base of knowledge to deliver a global sense, and an understanding in Japan and its relativity.

Departmental Vision

  • Wide insights from free thinking makes you a practical expert in cultural and tourism contents. You will acquire imagination and business mind that creates new knowledge and values on cultural tourism based on diverse knowledge in history, culture, ideology, local studies, arts, sociology, and sub-culture (entertainment, cartoon). You will translate your thoughts into actions to the world by exploring new forms of culture and tourism..

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year First semester Required Basics of Cultural Contents 1, Elective Creativity and Culture 1, Elective Cultural Tourism Studies, Elective Introduction to the Korean and Japanese Cultural Contents
Second semester Required Basics of Cultural Contents 2, Elective Korean and Japanese Cultural Exploration, Elective Heritage Tourism, Elective Comparison between the Korean and Japanese Pop Cultures, Elective Speech Japanese 1
Second Year First semester Required Japan through the Humanities, Required Cultural Content Production 1, Elective Speech Japanese 2, Elective Japanese Culture and Society, Elective Korean and Japanese Game Analy
Second semester Required Japanese Culture and History, Required Cultural Content Production 2, Elective Speech Japanese 3, Elective IT Cultural Tourism Business, Elective Big Data and Cultural Contents Analysis, Elective Applied Japanese 2
Third Year First semester Required Modern Japanese Studies, Required Cultural Content Production 1, Elective Contents Storytelling, Elective Understanding in the Japanese Corporate Culture, Elective Voice Acting in Japanese
Second semester Required Local and Cultural Brand Exploration, Required Cultural Contents Production 2, Elective Japanese Interpretation and Translation, Elective Korean and Japanese History and Cultural Contents, Elective Cultural Contents Application
Fourth Year First semester Required Cultural Content Production 3, Elective Popular Culture Content Studies 1, Elective Japanese Functional Research 1
Second semester Required Cultural Content Production 4, Elective Popular Culture Content Studies 2, Elective Japanese Functional Survey 2

Career options

Japanese corporations: Electronics, IT, electricity, semiconductors, steel, agriculture, distribution, manufacturing, press, broadcasting, publication, entertainment, cartoon and animation, hotel, resort, real estate development, finance, aviation, travel, etc.

  • Admission to graduate schools in Japan for further research
  • Japanese local expert
  • Korean and Japanese content planner
  • Japanese government agencies in Korea
  • Japan-related affairs in Korean corporations
  • Foreign language institutes
  • Interpretation and translation