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Department of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Department introduction

Department introduction
Actualize your dream to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering expert with a global sense to lead the aviation industry
Department of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, one of the major global industries in the 21st century, requires a high level of aviation expertise as the aircraft doctors for safe operation. The Department of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering equips students with an understanding in the operative principles of aircraft, including aircraft design and development processes, and rich knowledge in various mechanical, electronic and electric equipment in aircraft to become experts in aviation safety with a global sense and leadership skills. This specialized department educates future technical workforce in aviation for commercial airlines in Korea and other countries, as well as the army, navy and air force in relation to aviation, industrial corporations, and research institutes.


  • As an aircraft consists of very precise components, a range of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering responsibilities, such as checkups, disassembly, assembly, measurement, repair, replacement and tests on various instruments (including mechanical/electric/electronic and communication and navigation equipment) should be only performed by qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineering mechanics with official license. The Department of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has been accredited by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport with the latest practical facilities, equipment, materials, and faculty for the curriculum in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering to have students to obtain the license in air mechanic and other technical certifications in air machinery. The Department also offers an immersive program for preparations for military officers, free special lectures during summer vacation for certifications, English immersive programs during semester, and double degree system for top performing students in English through exchanges to overseas universities to educate excellent professionals in global aviation.

Educational objectives

  • Professional and advanced Aircraft Maintenance Engineering workforce is in rising demand due to the rapidly expanding technologies and market of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). Accordingly, the Department of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering seeks to develop highly qualified professionals in aircraft design and maintenance with global competence and knowledge through general aerospace and mechanical engineering and the specialized programs and standards in aviation stipulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Departmental Vision

  • The Department offers an immersive certification program for potential careers in airlines and military force through the latest educational environment with the tools, equipment, practice field and design room for field tests and studies. The Department also offers an intensive program for English skills, FAA certification program and double major program through the exchange education agreement with major aviation colleges in the United States. The Department conducts field practice and internship through the collaboration with the industries, military and academia to supply excellent maintenance force to the headquarters of the air force, air force logistics command, and major Korean airlines. Our alumni are advancing to various fields in the industries and military force into midto large-sized airlines, military officers, developers, or pursue further degrees in international institutions.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Introduction to Aerospace Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Air Laws, Basics of Avionics, Thermodynamics, Aircraft Airframe 1
Second Year Flight Instruments, Aircraft Airframe 2, Piston Engine, Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Practice, Aircraft Airframe Practice, Gas Turbine Engine, Aviation and Navigation, Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering
Third Year Human Performance in Aviation, Aircraft Structural Mechanics, Flight Mechanics, Motor Practice, Basic Avionics Practice, Mechanical Design, Computer Aided Mechanical Drawing, Automatic Aircraft Control, Theories of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Aviation and Navigation Instrument Practice
Fourth Year CAD/CAM/Production Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Conceptual Design of Aircraft

Career options

  • Engineering will lead to a career in Korean and international airlines, army, navy, air force, army civilian, related governmental agencies in aviation, aircraft and engine development/production, research institute, government-funded research institute, aircraft component and equipment development and manufacturing.
  • Related certifications
    Aircraft maintenance technician, professional aero-motor engineer, aircraft engineer, professional aircraft body engineer, industrial aircraft maintenance engineer, general machinery engineer, aircraft airframe maintenance craftsman, FAA/EASA A&P Certificates in the United States and Europe