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Global programs

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01. Exchange students

Educational opportunities abroad for Far East students

Student supports
Purpose To enhance foreign language skills and understanding in world cultures
Schedule Selected in the beginning of every semester or previous semester
Target - First semester : Current students in up to their 7th semester may apply
- Second semester : Current students up in to their 6th semester may apply
※ Students in the 2nd semester in their fourth year may not apply due to their preparations for their graduation
※ Fourth year students : Before applying, consider that graduation may be affected due to delayed grading for the exchanged period.
Countries Major sister universities in the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Mongolia, etc
Content - Up to ¼ of the final grades may be counted towards the major program or elective
- Balanced exchange program between inbound and outbound through the consultations with the sister university
Persons 2~3 students per school (subject to change depending on the local situations) in 1 or 2 semesters
Effect Strengthening the global competence of Far East students

02. Global HERO abroad program

HERO stands for Humanity, Expertise, Reality and Originality as the program to realize the vision of globalization by educating global talents for the world

Student supports
Purpose To enhance the foreign language skills and global competence
Schedule Selected every semester and sent during vacation
Target Far East students under 7th semester (Not open to fourth year students in the second semester)
Countries and universities United States (MSU, SUU, SSC, etc.), Japan (Kansai University, Tokyo Keizai University, etc.) China (Qingdao Binhai University, Shandong University of Technology University, etc.)
Content - Experience in foreign language and culture in a local university
- Cultural exchange with the local students
Persons 60 persons to the United States, 30 persons to Japan, 30 to China (Subject to change depending on the session)
Scholarships - 70% of in-campus scholarship for the program
- Excelling students in official language tests among the selected candidates (top 10% by country) 100% of the in-campus scholarship
Effect Enhancing the foreign language skills and global competence

03. KFLP(Keukdong Foreign Language Program)

Immersive education on English, Chinese and Japanese, KFLP Certification (Keukdong Foreign Language Program)

Student supports
Purpose To polish foreign language skills
Schedule Every semester
Target Current students of Far East University
Content - The KFLP integrates 12 credits in liberal arts curriculum in each foreign language and extracurricular language immersive programs
- Focusing on language learning as the liberal arts curriculum
- Various instructional methods of native-speaking instructors as the extracurricular program
- Enhancing the understanding in the foreign cultures
Period Demand survey through departments in every second semester
Target Applicants
Languages English, Chinese and Japanese
Period During every semester (1st, 2nd semester)
Liberal arts 12 credits (4 credits per semester)/Friday
Extracurricular Education by Level 1, Level 2, Level 3/ Tuesday and Thursday
Effects Strengthening the foreign language skills of Far East students

04. Volunteers abroad

Overseas volunteer program for current students during vacation

Student supports
Purpose - To provide opportunities for personal development and international experiences through overseas volunteer activities
- Promoting mutual understanding and friendship through international cultural exchanges
Schedule period: during vacation (Summer: July, Winter: January scheduled)
Target Current Far East students
Content - Recruiting students for overseas volunteer activities during vacation (summer, winter) in the beginning of every semester, 2 times per year
- Preparatory training and safety training provided before sending the recruits
- Cooperation with the sister university (labor volunteer, home building for love, Korean language training, etc.)
- Volunteer programs and activities after sending
- Photo exhibition and disbanding ceremony in the end
- Burapha University in Thailand, FEU and PWU the Philippines, University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Vietnam, etc
Persons 15 current students
Countries and organizations Major sister universities and related organizations in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, etc.
Scholarships 70% of in-campus scholarship for the program
Effect Enhancing the awareness of volunteer abroad and global competence

05. Korean language center

  • 4 semesters per year : 10 weeks and 200 hours per semester
  • Monday to Friday, 5 hours a day
  • Level 1~6
  • Korean cultural experience per semester

Korean language program

Student supports
First year First semester Class hour per week Class hour per day
4 semesters 10 weeks 20 hours
(5 days X 4 days a week)
09:30 ~ 15:20 (5 hours)
※ Except 1 hour for lunch

Korean language class

Student supports
Classification Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Block 1
09:30 ~ 10:20
Korean conversation
(Listening, speaking, reading, writing)
Korean conversation
(Listening, speaking, reading, writing)
Korean conversation
(Listening, speaking, reading, writing)
Korean conversation
(Listening, speaking, reading, writing)
Block 2
10:30 ~ 11:20
Block 3
11:30 ~ 12:20
Block 4
12:30 ~ 13:20
Block 5
13:30 ~ 14:20
Korean grammar Korean grammar Korean grammar Korean grammar
Block 6 grammar
14:30 ~ 15:20


  • 4,400,000 won (1,100,000 won/1 semester)


  • 09:30~15:20 (Mon~Thu)


  • By level (TOPIK Level 1~6)

Target :

  • International applicants for language training

Residence fee

Student supports
Resident room Classification Residence fee Facilities
4-bed room (international) Female dorm 710,000
(1st~2nd semesters/3rd~4th semesters)
Sink, shower room, bathroom, central heating and cooling, floor heating facilities, double-deck bed, closet, cabinet, chair and desk (integrated), cleaning tools, personal LAN (internet) each room
4-bed room (Shrine) Male dorm 580,000
(1st~2nd semesters/3rd~4th semesters)
(1st~2nd semesters/3rd~4th semesters)
Sink, shower room, bathroom, central heating and cooling facilities, chair, bed, desk (integrated), drawer, large mirror, cleaning tools, personal LAN (internet) each room