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Department of Culinary Arts and Hotel Food Service

Department introduction

Department introduction
Developing global culinary artists with practical and administrative skills
Department of Culinary Arts and Hotel Food Service
The Department of Culinary Arts and Hotel Food Service develops highly professional and adaptable culinary and cooking experts with culinary and managerial skills and academic expertise in culinary arts by offering a quality 1-on-1 education system. The Department cultivates cooking and culinary experts with a variety of culinary techniques, a systematic theoretical base, and managerial skills for the global era.


  • The faculty is fully committed in the education and research activities to produce highly qualified professionals demanded in the field. The Department focuses on educating future field culinary experts through the NCS field skill cultivation program, field simulation system, and 1-on-1 practice system

Educational objectives

  • The Department of Culinary Arts and Hotel Food Service cultivates expertise and field skills in prospective culinary and cooking professionals to lead the culinary and cooking services in hotels and famous restaurants in Korea and other countries to play a central role in the 21st century culinary and cooking industries and develop the competence as global leaders.

Departmental Vision

  • The Department cultivates qualified cooking experts to lead the Culinary Arts and Hotel Food Service in hotels, restaurants, and food corporations by instilling the expertise and practical skills in Culinary Arts and Hotel Food Service and management.
  • Also, the Department trains holistic professionals with a spirit of voluntarism and creativity through the field practice program and management programs through a combination of classroom and field studies.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Basic Western Cuisine Cooking, Basic Korean Cuisine Cooking, Introduction to Cooking, Science of Cookery, Food Science, Theories on the Food Service Industry
Second Year Advanced Western Cuisine Cooking, Advanced Korean Cuisine Cooking, Basic Japanese Cuisine Cooking, Basic Chinese Cuisine Cooking, Italian Cuisine Cooking, Theories of Baking, Baking Practice, Theories of Beverage Management
Third Year Advanced Japanese Cuisine Cooking, French Cuisine Cooking, Court Cuisine, Third Year Baking Practice, Dessert Practice, Food Styling and Exhibitory Cooking, Menu and Food Pricing, Food Hygiene & HACCP, Food and Nutrition, Wine Sommelier
Fourth Year Career Seminar, Theories of Restaurant Entrepreneurship, Coffee Barista Practicum

Career options

  • Special hotels, restaurant chefs, restaurant entrepreneur, food corporation, food marketer, food engineer, industrial engineer in food processing, food hygienist, food coordinator, catering technician, craftsman bartender, barista, wine sommelier