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Department of Theater and Acting

Department introduction

Department introduction
Leading and high Theater and Acting to Actualize the dream of becoming creative artists
Department of Theater and Acting
Our Department offers intensive education in acting, musical and staff to promote high quality creativity.
(1)Practice-oriented: We develop creative artists through practice-oriented curriculum and art education.
(2) Theater-oriented: We educate professional artists in a variety of artistic fields through consistent and practical performance production from the beginning.
(3) Field-oriented: We invite highly qualified experts from the field to foster creative artists who can immediately apply artistic expressions.


  • We educate and promote leading competence in performance arts and media arts through field- and theater-focused practical curriculum. The Department of Theater Arts is committed in realizing the dreams of becoming creative and excellent artists as the leaders of Theater and Acting.

Educational objectives

  • Performance art is a lively field of the humanities that make human life worth living. Recently, the interest in this field is rising to produce considerable added values in the industries. Our Department educates creative professionals who can create the social values of the art and realize cultural sharing. Our objective is to offer professional and practical education with a global sense based on the pride in the Korean folk culture.

Departmental Vision

  • Fostering professionals with detailed skills in performance art (detailed artistic expressions in sound, physical body, and sentiment)
  • Educating practical professionals to meet the demand of the time (demanded in and leading the field)
  • Educating convergent performers who can lead the era of multimedia (multifunctional and multi-talented convergent artists)
  • Cultivating talents to produce and execute creative performance (creating and realizing alternative types of contents)
  • Raising talents for culture welfare for the local community (executing performances in culture- isolated localities and vulnerable social class in the central-railway culture belt)
  • Fostering leading art educators for lifelong learning (supervisors and instructors of art education based on schools and local communities)

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Basics of acting, Breathing and Enunciation, Transcription, Fundamentals of Musical Singing, Introduction to the Theater
Second Year Basics of Acting, Speech, Korean Sound, Basics of Musical Singing, Korean Dance, Direction
Third Year Drama Production, Acting Theories, Western Dance, Script Writing, Musical Singing and Acting, Lighting, Theater History
Fourth Year Drama Production, Acting Seminar, Camera Acting, Drama Research, History of the Korean Theater, Audition

Career options

  • Actor (theater, musical, film, TV), director, theater artist (stage, lighting, sound), theater director, theater company, film company, broadcasting company, advertisement production, planning, technical staff in national and public theaters, Korean or international graduate schools, etc.
  • Related certifications : culture and art educator, Stage art professional