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Department of Social Welfare

Department introduction

Department introduction
Educating future professionals in human services to make a welfare society
Department of Social Welfare
The Department of Social Welfare produces field professionals who will build a welfare state by serving the neighborhood and local communities. For these educational objectives and expertise cultivation, the Department of Social Welfare offers diverse curricula on the theories and actual cases of social welfare.


  • The Department of Social Welfare offers diverse programs for the students to become field experts in social welfare.
  • First, the Department facilitates various volunteer activities and runs a volunteer club in the department.
  • Second, it requires the completion of the Microsoft Office Certifications (MS MOS Master, computer handling skills) for students’ postgraduate career. Third, it offers a variety of major program tracks for a number of career options after graduation. The Department offers an adolescence program and early childhood program on top of its social welfare programs.

Educational objectives

  • The Department of Social Welfare has the following educational objectives: first, to offer the major education program to meet the social demand; second, to produce field social workers; and third, to educate social workers to resolve the community social issues.
  • Major courses:
    • ① Courses on human psychology and behavior (Introduction to Social Welfare, Human Behavior and Social Environment, Social Welfare Research Methods, etc.)
    • ② Courses on local communities and fields of social welfare (Theory of Local Community Welfare, Theory of Social Welfare Practice, Theory of Social Welfare Practical Techniques, etc.)
    • ③ Courses on state welfare policies and social welfare organization (Theory of Social Welfare Policies, Theory of Social Welfare Laws, Theory of Social Welf re Administration, etc.).

Departmental Vision

  • Department intends to cultivate three skills (counseling skills, case management techniques, resource development and management techniques) to achieve this vision.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Introduction to Social Welfare, Human Behavior and Social Environment, Introduction to Child Care, Community Volunteer
Second Year Social Welfare Policy, Social Work Practice, Skills and Techniques of Social Work Practice, Social Welfare Administration, Social Welfare for the Person With Disabilities, Youth Welfare, Children’s Right and Welfare
Third Year Research Methods for Social Welfare, Community Welfare & Practice, Social Services for the Elderly, Program Development and Evaluation, Data Analysis for Social Welfare, Social Welfare Field Practice
Fourth Year Social Welfare and Law, Social Work Ethics and Philosophy, Healthy Family, Family & Gender, Youth Field Practice, Child Care Field Practice

Career options

  • Social welfare: social workers, civil officials in social welfare
  • Childcare: Early childhood professionals
  • Adolescence: Instructors, counselor
  • Family welfare: Family health specialist
  • Other: Medical social worker, school social worker, mental health social worker