University Introduction Convergent professionals from Far East University
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Overview of Far East University

Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group
Education Innovation Support Group
Specialization center
Community Co-Development Support Center
Education Development Center
Registrar’s Office
Arete College of Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts Center, Leadership Center
Graduate School
Graduate School Education and Scholarship Team
University Headquarters
Ministry of Planning
  • Planning audit team
  • Budget Team
Ministry of Administrative Research
  • Administration team
  • Academic affairs team
  • Faculty team
  • Field practice support center
Ministry of Admission Promotion
  • Admission management team
  • Promotion center
  • Publication center
Ministry of Student Support
  • Student support team
  • Student welfare team
  • Health center
  • Career support center
  • Student counselling center
  • Disabled student support center
  • Volunteer center
Ministry of Secretariat
  • General operation team
  • Financial team
  • Information management center
Ministry of International cooperatio
  • International exchange team
  • International education support team
  • Korean language education center
  • Overseas volunteer center
Subsidiary organizations
Lifelong education center
Local reserve force
Research institutes
Social welfare research institute
management research institute
Tourism and culture research institute
Asia future research institut
Student guidance research institute
Language education research institute
Community development research institute


College of Social Sciences
Social Welfare
Culinary Arts and Hotel Food Service
Hotel & Tourism Management
Elementary Special Education
Secondary Special Education
Japanese Culture and Tourism Contents
Military Studies
Global Hotel Management
College of Aviation
Airline Cabin Service Management
Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Industrial Drone
Air Mobility
Aviation Safety Management
Helicopter & UAM Operation
College of Science and Technology
Aviation and IT Convergence
Energy IT Engineering
Industrial Security
Semiconductor Equipment Engineering
Global Semiconductor Engineering
Green Energy Engineering
College of Healthcare Sciences
Visual Optics
Radiological Science
Occupational Therapy
Biomedical Laboratory Science
Bio Food Science
College of Media Arts
Cartoon and Animation
Film and Television
Theater and Acting
Sports and Leisure Studies

Graduate Schools

Graduate Schools
Business Administration
Airline Cabin Service Management
Food Service Management
Health Sciences
Information and Telecommunication
Energy IT Engineering
Smart Mobile
Performing Arts & Media Arts
Graduate School of Education
Department of Education :
  • Education Administration
  • Counselling Education
  • Lifelong Education
  • Computer Education
Graduate School of Global Studies
Business Administration
Aviation Cabin Service Management
Social Welfare
Hotel & Tourism
Counseling Therapy
Criminal Justice
Building Asset Management
Aviation Management
Teaching of English to Young Learners
International Development Studies
Graduate School of Healthcare Sciences
Health Sciences :
  • Public Health
  • Radiological Science
  • Occupational therapy
  • Vision Science
Graduate School of Department of Industrial Information Technology Security
Information Technology Security
BigData Analytics