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Department of Film and Television

Department introduction

Department introduction
Educating professional visual artists for movies and TV shows at the heart of the Korean Wave and cultural content project
Department of Film and Television
The Department of Film and Television educates highly qualified professionals for video content making in movies, TV drama, liberal art and entertainment programs, video acting, CF, music videos, documentary, special video content, etc. The Department offers field-focused instructions from professors from many fields on all processes of movie and TV show making (planning, development, production, post-production, andmarketing) toeducatevisualartsexpertsrequiredinthefield.


  • From the fundamentals of visual art, students can easily start visual arts production through the instructions on specific fields for the talents and personal aptitudes of individual students. The Department offers counselling and personalized instructions in career planning through the supervisors and counselors in each year. Students can gain a variety of visual arts production experiences and awards through group mentoring and from departmental club activities such as < Entrepreneurship FM production >, field experience in moviemaking, major event shooting in and out of campus, etc.

Educational objectives

  • Students can gain experiences and acquire skills in many fields in visual arts production, such as direction, scenario, script, shooting, editing, acting, lighting, sound, etc. They can practice various visual arts with the latest digital equipment and Full HD TV studio, and participate in various internship educational programs in network TV, film production, distribution, promotion, etc.

Departmental Vision

  • Field education beyond campus learning for career launch!
    The Depar tment of fers the intensive and specialized programs such as < Film Management LAB >, < Storytelling LAB > through the project lab of each professor. Students can launch their career early or get a job in international visual arts industries through the professional cultivation programs in visual arts planning, development, management and marketing.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Introduction to Film Studies, Visual Arts Theories and Practice, Fundamentals of TV Production and Planning, Visual Arts Writing, Fundamentals of Visual Arts and Speech, Fundamentals of Cinematography, Fundamentals of Visual Arts Production
Second Year Talk Show Production, Film Production I, Fundamentals of Visual Arts Editing, Fundamentals of Storytelling, TV Studio Workshop, Visual Arts Analysis, Theories of Visual Arts Direction, Documentary Production
Third Year Visual Arts Production Workshop I, VJ Program Production, Entertainment TV Show Direction, Film Analysis and Planning, Scenario Techniques I, Basics of Field Internship, Scenario Techniques II, Film Making II, Visual Arts Production Workshop II, Camera Workshop
Fourth Year Graduation Project Planning, Film Marketing and Distribution, Studio Program Production, Field Internship, Graduation Project Production, Employment Practice

Career options

  • Planning/production: TV, film production, visual arts content planning, development
  • Storytelling: scenarist, TV writer
  • Direction: Film director, TV producer, CF director, other visual arts director
  • Cinematography and technical staff (lighting/sound/editing): Cinematographers, lighting director, sound designer, sound recorder, editing director
  • Visual arts acting: actor, show host, reporter, entertainer