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Department of Radiological Science

Department introduction

Department introduction
Educating highly qualified professionals in radiology through specializing education system
Department of Radiological Science
The Department of Radiological Science is broken down to diagnosis medicine that performs radiological tests, such as X-ray test, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, bone density, CT, MRI, SPECT, and PETCT, and radiological medicine that treats cancer through isotope therapy or high-energy radiation. To apply these latest instrument and imaging technology, the Department of Radiological Science in Far East University offers a systematic theoretical education and field practice. Also, the Department has opened the related programs for students who wish to advance to the industrial and applied technological fields of radiology to offer the right education for their aptitudes.


  • The Department of Radiological Science in Far East University focuses on educating field professionals through clinical practices in various institutions and excellent academic-industrial cooperation system (Seoul University Hospital, Sinchon Severance Hospital, Asan Hospital, Samsung Medical Center, Korea University Anam Hospital). Also, it is equipped with the full DR (digital Radiography) imaging devices and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) to facilitate digitalized image in the lecture and practice sessions. 10 units of the latest ultrasound devices have been installed to enhance the clinical field education for the students. The Department of Radiological Science runs the language, academic and presentation clubs to actively participate in Korea and international academic conferences and earn good results. The Department has also opened the certification classes for each year in computer processing, general radioactive isotope, and radiology

Educational objectives

  • Educating highly qualified professionals with humanoriented mind and scientific thinking in radiology

Departmental Vision

  • 1. Customized education in radiology for future radiologist with integrity
    • Specialized education in radiotherapy and each field of radiology (Masters’ and Ph.D. programs available)
    • Educating ultrasound professionals and experts in medical image quality management through specialized programs
  • 2. Enforcing practical skills in clinical medicine
    • Connection to field studies in the best university hospitals in South Korea (Seoul University Hospital, Yonsei University Severance Hospital, Seoul Asan Hospital, Samsung Medical Center, Korea University Anam University)
  • 3. Employment and licensing
    • Top passage rate in state examinations and employment rate
    • Top passage rate every year, including 100% passage rate in the state examination in 2016

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, Physiology, Introduction to Radiology, Introduction to Electronics, Photography for Radiology, etc.
Second Year Introductory theories in radiology such as Radiation Physics, Radiation Measurement, Radiation Management, Radiation Biology, Radiation Machinery; Radiography I II and Practice, Medical Image Information, Image Anatomy, Atomic Energy Law
Third Year Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Ultrasound Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Fluoroscopic Radiography, Breast Imaging,
Fourth Year Bedside Training at University Hospital (Clinical Practice in Radiology I, II, Clinical Training in Nuclear Medicine, Clinical Training in Radiotherapy), Public Health Studies, Medical Laws and Radiological Reading, Imaging Device Precision Management, Laser Science, Dental Radiology and Radiography

Career options

  • Radiologist : Medical institutions such as university hospitals, general hospitals, health centers, civil servants in public health, army civilians, development and research institutes for radiological imaging devices, medical device manufacturers and sellers, health management association, National Health Insurance Service, insurance companies, etc.
  • Radioisotope license holders : Radioisotope handling organizations, safety assurance departments in corporations, aerospace industries, companies dealing with radioisotope and radiation device, nuclear power research institutes
  • Industrial technicians for non-destruction tests : related companies, heavy industries and construction, quality control, nuclear power
  • Jobs abroad : international hospitals and research institutes with an international license in ultrasound or radiotherapy, overseas hospitals and research institutes after acquiring international certification in nuclear medicine
  • Further studies : graduate schools in radiology and medical physics