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Career Support Programs

Actualize your dream through personalized employment and entrepreneurship systems
University should consider students’ future beyond graduation. Far East University assists in realizing students’ dreams through organized systems for entrepreneurship and employment.

01. Qualification program

Strengthening qualification for employment through the certification in computer handling skills that are essential in the field

Student supports
Purpose Strengthening qualifications in the job market by acquiring the computer handing skills and personal certifications in Microsoft office and Windows
Schedule Total 4 sessions in the first and second semesters
Target All students
Content Official Microsoft certifications in Word, Excel, Power Point and Access; Certification examination on one subject per week; Master certification for four subjects; if succeeded in Master certification, the entire tuition is given as scholarship.
Effect Acquiring computer handling skills and a sense of accomplishment through the MOS MASTER certification with one’s own efforts. Self-leading competence building for employment and career

02. Special lectures on career, employment and entrepreneurship by department

Assistance in building an independent career support process and education system in each department

Student supports
Purpose To support training in resume writing and interview skills for each department; to make and continually operate department-centered career education system and internal career support process; to provide career and goal setting opportunities for freshmen and sophomore, and career planning opportunities for senior students
Schedule March, April, Many
Target All students
Content Supporting special lectures on employment and entrepreneurship in each desired field and position of current students in different major programs
Effect Department-oriented career education process provides direct and indirect experiences in desired career field by each department

03. Corporate exploration

Corporate exploration through interviews with professionals in person or group

Student supports
Purpose To cultivate problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills through interview with field professionals, completing assignments and understanding in the desired career field, and personal and group mentor setting
Schedule March~October
Target All students
Content Exploring field professionals and corporations in the desired career field to enhance the understanding in the area
Effects Confidence boost through problem presentation and resolution, cultivation of practical skills and assignment completion, development of interpersonal skill and organizational skills through group activities

04. Career and aptitude testing

Presenting and establishing directions in future career through objective understanding in oneself through career and aptitudes tests for students with little directions in future

Student supports
Purpose Assistance in career exploration and planning with personalized data building and utilization through career and aptitudes tests
Schedule May
Target All students
Content Serious career and aptitude tests for one hour and 30 minutes for objective judgment
Effect Identifying personal interests and aptitude through data for objective judgment on career and aptitude; future planning through career exploration and planning

05. Job career camp

Job exploration and career/job design through personal exploration

Student supports
Purpose Capable of job design through self-exploration; selfunderstanding and adequate positions; specifying one’s own portfolio
Schedule March
Target All students
Content Job design and exploration through self-understanding
Effect Making one’s own portfolio and visualizing personal skills through an understanding in the job; self-understanding and exploration through camping; detailed job and career setting according to job exploration and design

06. Career camp for documentation

Documentation for employment through aptitudes and skill identification

Student supports
Purpose Competence building through improved awareness of the changing job market and customized job training program; completion and functionality enhancement through PC; self-leading preparations for employment in the changing job market through job search and actual job application
Schedule May
Target Senior students, participants to the Job career camp
Content Intensive teaching on students, based on the participants and applicants to the job career camp, who need to complete their documentation for job application; operated in connection with the following interview skill building camp
Effect Identifying students’ own job skills and feeling a sense of accomplishment through documentation for job application; relief from anxiety and fear through systematic preparations for employment in connection with the interview preparation camp

07. Interview skill building career camp

Enhancing motivation through mock interviews and acquiring actual job information from experienced job seekers

Student supports
Purpose Recover and boost confidence and motivation in employment; competence building through systematic preparatory training; customized interview skill program in consideration of the participating department
Schedule May
Target Senior students, attendees to the career camp for documentation
Content Systematic interview training (lecture) and mock interview (practice) for the participants and applicants to the career camp for documentation to enhance their interview skills and preparations
Effect Confidence boost in job seeking through preparations for interviews and job application all the way from the job career camp – career camp for documentation – interview skill building career camp

08. Pre-training camp for field practice

Increase the understanding in actual corporations and jobs through corporate exploration and field study

Student supports
Purpose To motivate for job seeking with an understanding in the job, corporate analysis and direct experience in the corporation; to increase employment rate through understanding and motivation
Schedule September
Target All students
Content Motivation in job seeking and understanding in corporations through actual corporation exploration
Effect Direct and indirect field experience under field professionals/ employment strategy building through mentoring by corporate staff members and alumni at field; increasing understanding in job positions through department-job matching


Facilitates 1:1 personalized consulting and job matching for the employment preparations of (prospective) graduates

Student supports
Purpose To build personalized job finding strategies by diagnosing and classifying skills by department; to cultivate professionalism of participants; to provide employment support services through professional employment consultants
Schedule 1 year
Target (prospective) graduate
Content Personalized job-matching through personal counselling and consulting for (prospective) graduates
Effect Relieving insecurity on career preparations of (prospective) graduates, personalized employment through personal counselling and consulting

10. JOB Cafe

Employment counselling for struggling students for career preparations

Student supports
Purpose To encourage and solve the personal worries of struggling and worried students for career and employment through personalized counseling; to acquire general information for employment such as job market trend, job application, and preparations for job interview
Schedule During academic year
Target All students
Content Personalized consulting on employment for struggling students in career and employment
Effect Relieving stress and insecurity in employment; boosting confidence and competence through information acquisition on job market trends and personalized consulting

11. All-round visiting career counselling

Personalized visiting counselling for struggling students in employment, career and entrepreneurship along with JOB Cafe

Student supports
Purpose To supplement insufficient counselling by JOB Café with all-round visiting counselling; to widen the access of in-campus career counselling in order to invigorate counselling exchanges
Schedule During academic year
Target All students
Content Easy access to professional employment and career counselling for current students for free sharing of ideas on accessible employment and entrepreneurship
Effect Connection to customized programs through personalized consulting for current students on individual preparations for employment and entrepreneurship for possible effects of invigorated employment and entrepreneurship, along with JOB Café

12. Preparatory class for NCS public organizations

Preparatory class on public organizations for employment at NCS

Student supports
Purpose To discover talents to build the core infrastructure and offer a preparatory class for students seeking a job in public organizations to support their job application, as the job market changes to skill-centered for the enhancement of national competence
Schedule During semester
Target All students
Content NCS corporation analysis for actual job application; entrance examination and cover-letter and personal statement writing skills, interview skills
Effect Systematic preparations for a job in public corporation by sharing ideas and information with participants; better motivation for current students to apply for a job in a public corporation through a preparatory class

13. ‘I got a JOB’ contest

Strengthen competence and overcome anxiety through incampus job application documentation contest

Student supports
Purpose To boost confidence to overcome difficulties in and anxieties over job seeking and employment; to develop proactive and positive attitudes
Schedule November
Target All students and all participants to the career camp for documentation
Content Contest for individual documents for job application (resume and cover letter)
Effect To realize the meaning of authentic job application through considerations and efforts and to enhance confidence and accomplishment through contesting

14. Employment Success Package

Employment supports by the Ministry of Labor through the MOU with a contractor to the Ministry

Student supports
Purpose To provide an integrated employment support program by step to enhance job searching skills; to promote employment skills by selecting a sequential employment program
Schedule During semester
Target (Prospective) graduate
Content Employment support by step with in-campus experts in career development through the MOU with a contract to the Ministry of Labor and Employmen
Effect Allowance for employment support through the participation in the sequential program as the project by the Ministry of Labor and Employment; Successful individual employment through 1:1 personalization

15. Startup club

Active entrepreneurship through startup supports in campus

Student supports
Purpose To invigorate entrepreneurship through the organization and activities as the startup club and boost confidence by founding actual startups
Schedule During semester
Target All students
Content Entrepreneurship invigoration through the support for the startup club activities in campus
Effect Wider encouragement for startup foundation through the supports for the startup club; enhanced adaptability to organizations through club activities; competence building that leads to actual foundation of startups

16. Competence building program in the startup club

Entrepreneurship competence building and item conceptualization through 1:1 coaching and consulting for each startup club

Student supports
Purpose To enhance entrepreneurship for actual startup foundation through the preparations and necessary education for the students in the club in the competence building program in the startup clubs
Schedule September
Target Startup clubs
Content Specification of actual startups through the contest of startup ideas after 1:1 coaching and consulting for startup clubs
Effect Facilitating actual foundation of startups through the discovery of startup ideas for the contest and enhancement of entrepreneurship through customized consulting

17. Startup camp

Enhances entrepreneurship and discovers startup ideas along with basic education on entrepreneurship

Student supports
Purpose To boost confidence and entrepreneurship through the education on the discipline, field and entrepreneurship
Schedule September
Target Startup clubs
Content Education on entrepreneurship leading to ‘employment in advance and then startup foundation’
Effect Understanding the basic concepts and latest trends of startups; better understanding in personal interests, aptitudes and character; discovering startup ideas; startup item development with an understanding in new types of startups exemplified by success cases and various techniques