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Department of Hacking & Security

Department introduction

Department introduction
Educating global and domestic experts in industrial security through specialization and diverse academic and industrial cooperation
Department of Industrial Security
The popular awareness of security risks is increasing in IoT, a major field of industrial convergence, while smartphones, mobile devices, automobiles, and wearable devices are exposed to security threats. To produce professional convergent workforce in IoT security, instead of just simple security operation services, the Department offers a field education program applicable to the field directly through various opportunities in the academic-industrial cooperation to equip future experts with a body of theoretical knowledge on multilateral human resource, technical, and physical resolutions and integrated problemsolving skills.


  • Every year, about 10 students are selected to execute security-related projects in the industry and university collaborations. The Department offers a security operation service internship program to detect any internal information leakage. In collaboration with the IT Security Certification Center and KOIST, the Department offers the first certification program in information protection handling evaluation at no cost. The Department also offers the free certification program in internationally recognized ACE (forensic investigator) through the FTK forensic professional education from Access Data in the United States.

Educational objectives

  • The Department of Industrial Security instructs the theories and practices of security assurance against all cyber threats to educate U-type professionals as demanded by the nation and society. For example, the program consists of three tracks: IoT security service (convergent security, integrated security operation service, Cisco networking, IoT security), digital forensic (cryptology, digital forensic, malware analysis, cyber criminology) and industrial security (criminology, security consulting, business affairs of industrial security, and information protection product assessment).

Departmental Vision

  • Educating future professionals in convergent industrial security with problem-solving skills, experiential knowledge, vision theories and practical skills to proactively operate the systems and infrastructure.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Basic stage: Industrial Security Studies, Security Programming, Personal Development, etc.
Second Year Building stage: Cyber Criminology, Computer Structural Design, etc.
Third Year Intensive stage: Fortinet Academy, Cisco Academy, Cryptology, etc.
Fourth Year Application stage: Security Consulting, Digital Forensic, Industrial Security Management System, etc.

Career options

  • National intelligence service, cyber command, defense security command, national or local civil servants in charge of information protection, industrial and information security manager in corporations, personal information protector in public or financial institutions, Korea Internet & Security Agency, information protection research institutes such as National Security Research Institute, information protection (technology) engineer, information protection consulting firms; graduate schools in industrial security in connection with other universities or overseas MOU graduate schools through the regular human resource development system.