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Department of Design

Department introduction

Department introduction
A cradle of future creative designers and future-oriented values
Department of Design
This Department has a 20-year history since its opening in 1998 along with the foundation of the university. The Department has produced numerous alumni, most of whom are active in many fields. While being faithful to the fundamentals of design, the Department offers a flexible curriculum and departmentalsysteminresponsetothetrendandchangesofthetimetocontinueitsexcellentculture andtradition indesign.


  • The Department encourages active participation in competitions, industrial-academic programs and field studies to enhance practical skills. Students are instructed to recognize the social responsibilities as professional designers with integrity.

Educational objectives

  • As for the curriculum, freshmen study the basic courses on the common fields of design: sculpture, color and depiction. In the second year, students take a variety of courses in visual and industrial design as their major program to develop their convergent thinking and creativity. The elective courses are open to students from all fields to develop a sense in design. The senior courses offered in the third and fourth year are the intensive courses designed to enhance the field skills and adaptability to be qualified as professionals with problem-solving skills in design.

Departmental Vision

  • As design is widely applied to enhancing product competitiveness, industries act fast to acquire more design professionals. Students in design studies will take the courses in visual design and industrial design to have a convergent mind beyond the discipline. Students will be given more learning opportunities for more career options in a wide range.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year 3DCG I, II, Computer Design I II, 2-D Design, 3-D Design, Colors and Design, Concept Drawing
Second Year Visual Design I II, Typography I II, Convergence Design I II, Product Design I II, Environmental Design I II, Illustration, Character Design
Third Year Convergence Design Studio I II, Visual Information Design I II, Editing Design I II, Environmental Exhibition Design Studio I II, Product Design Studio I II, Package Design, GUI
Fourth Year Product Design Graduation Project I II, Visual Design Studio I II, Editing Design Studio I II, Environmental Exhibition Design Graduation Project I II

Career options

  • Design division in corporations
  • Civil officials in design for local governments
  • Product design companies
  • Product development, product design
  • 3D modeling
  • Miniature production
  • Character development
  • Newspaper, magazine, publication
  • Editing design agencies
  • Advertisement agencies, design agencies
  • Web design companies
  • Fancy design companies
  • Illustrators
  • One-person creative entrepreneur