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Department of Global Semiconductor Engineering

“Semiconductors,” the core of Industry 4.0
Far East University realizes the dreams of global semiconductor leaders to lead Industry 4.0.
Department of Global Semiconductor Engineering
Far East University will create a new Department of Global Semiconductor Engineering in 2022 to nurture talented individuals to work in the Chinese semiconductor market, which accounts for more than 50% of the world’s semiconductor market.

Semiconductors are the core source of growth for Industry 4.0, core parts that are critical for almost all industries such as AI, big data, self-driving cars, bio, health care, IoT (Internet of Things), etc. The world’s semiconductor market will continue to grow, and it is predicted to be worth USD 573.4 billion by 2022. (source: WSTS) Such market expansion calls for more skilled semiconductor technology personnel.

Educational goals

  • Our goal is to nurture the best engineers who have creative thinking capability and working skills in the creation of semiconductors.
  • Korean semiconductor businesses have the best semiconductor production technology; professors with extensive experience in the field carry out semiconductor process/elements/product work theory/in-depth semiconductor education/etc. in order to nurture professionals in semiconductor manufacture who can immediately begin working in the field.


In the 1st and 2nd years, general subjects and basic major education will be the focus; in the 3rd and 4th years, semiconductor major work (semiconductor work theory, in-depth semiconductor education, creative problem solving), customized education (customized education with affiliates, field practice & internships, 1:1 mentoring with seniors), and future-oriented education (state-of-the-art semiconductor education, global semiconductor leaders, character education) are used to nurture the world’s best semiconductor manufacturing engineers.

The semiconductor process labs on campus possess actual working photo, etch, diffusion, CVD, CMP, and cleaning devices (1 of each), and such equipment allows for theory and practice to go together during the classes.

Major basics
Work ethics
Major basics/common
Major work
Semiconductor work theory
semiconductor education
Creative problem solving
Future-oriented education
semiconductor education
Global semiconductor leaders
Customized education
Affiliate custom education
Field education/internship
1:1 mentoring with seniors

The goal is 100% job attainment rate through the expansion of industry-university collaboration with semiconductor businesses.

We have created an industry-academe agreement with JSMC, a semiconductor company in Beijing, on April 29, 2021, and we are evaluating agreements with other large semiconductor companies. Through such collaboration, we will nurture talented individuals that each company requires. This allows them to get jobs.

Special support program for foreign students

There are various support systems to allow foreign students to continue their school life comfortably.

  • 1:1 mentoring system: Senior students with experience in semiconductors are matched with each foreign student to teach know-how about company life and answer questions regarding theory taught in the university.
  • Assistants capable of speaking Chinese will be designated for foreign students to provide close assistance with academic, dormitory, and school life concerns and minimize discomfort.
  • K-culture exploration for understanding of Korean culture (K-pop performances, K-food experiences, tourism trips, etc.) will be held regularly to allow students to experience and understand Korean culture.

Path after graduation

  • Semiconductor IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer) company recruitment:
    • YMTC (Yangtze), CXMT, JHICC (Fujian), JSMC (Beijing), Chengdu Hi-tech, SK Hynix (Wuxi), Samsung Electronics (Xi’an), Intel (Dalian), etc.
  • Semiconductor Foundry recruitment: SMIC, TSMC (Taiwan), United Electronics, HSMC, etc.
  • Semiconductor Packaging & Test recruitment: JCET,Huatien Technology,Tongfu Micro Electronics, etc.
  • We will begin projects in the Korean semiconductor IDM business, material, parts, and equipment areas.