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Department of Cartoon and Animation

Department introduction

Department introduction
Cradle of digital content leaders who change the world with creative vision
Department of Cartoon and Animation
This specialized Department educates convergent global creators in cultural content industries, develops cartoon and animation contents on a variety of platforms, and fosters creative competence andintegritybased on convergent relationships.


  • To educate highly qualified professionals for the field, the Department offers a field-focused and project-based curriculum through customized tracks in webtoon, 2D/3D animation, game, educational contents, post-production, etc. The Department develops a joint curriculum with sister universities abroad and offers a variety of educational benefits by hosting exhibitions and joint workshops, exchange programs and overseas internship, and local and international volunteer opportunities every semester.

Educational objectives

  • The Department educates digital content leaders as competent and game-changing professionals by offering a balanced and academic-industrial education and humanitarian integrity.

Departmental Vision

  • The Department offers a variety of financial aids, including departmental scholarship, and opportunities to overseas internship and global support programs to enhance a global sense. Students build their humanitarian competence to have the communication skills, spirit of voluntarism and integrity to grow into creative digital content leaders through the experiential, creative, and practical education.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Illustration, Introduction to Cartoon and Animation, Media Therapy, Digital Photo, Life Drawing, Screen Layout, Character Design and Commercialization, Computer Graphics
Second Year Storytelling, Webtoon, Movement Research, Animation Drawing, Character Modeling, Motion Graphics, Ani- Production (1), Script and Direction
Third Year Digital Textbook Production, Global Webtoon, Ani- Production (2), Digital Superimposition, Digital Image Editing, Academic-Industrial Joint Project, Learning Cartoon Project, Mobile Game Graphics
Fourth Year Local Culture and Art Projects, Cultural Content Planning and Marketing, Graduation Project, Internship, One-person Entrepreneurship Strategy and Practice, Portfolio

Career options

  • Webtoonist, creative cartoonist
  • 2D, 3D Content producer
  • Game planner, producer, game illustrator
  • Character designer
  • Digital edutainment, educational content producer
  • Movies, TV drama post, production artist
  • Animation instructor, teacher, art therapist