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Department of Military Studies

Department introduction

Department introduction
Educating customized entry-level military officers (army, navy, air force, marine)
Military Studies
The Department of Military Studies in Far East University educates entry-level military officers (army, navy, air force, and marine) to play the central roles in national defense. During the educational period, the Department cultivates military expertise in future military professionals and instructs creative and reasonable problem-solving and various leadership skills in the era of globalization, information and science. Also, the Department cooperates with the training military unit to instruct the military mind and attitudes. Particularly, the Department is divided into the general arms of service (infantry, general affairs, human resource education, etc.) and technical arms of service to instruct any students who wish to be general military officers to complete the program, and other students who wish to become technical military officers to complete the required courses in the military studies and then double major or minor in any desired field, such as security, Industrial Drone, or Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.


The Department of Military Studies runs a curriculum to educate entry-level military officers and military experts to lead the future military force. Students will be appointed as military officers upon graduation and serve in the military force for a specific period (long-term service available upon choice) or advance to the society

  • Curriculum to train professional officers and military experts in the general university
  • Full scholarship for 4 years if chosen as scholarship military student
  • Cultivation of various leadership skills and military expertise to become entry-level officers
  • Students who wish to be general military officers (infantry, general affairs, or human resource training, etc.,) will focus on completing the courses in the military studies, and other students who wish to be technical military officers (cyber security, drone, equipment, operation, etc.) will double major or minor in the applicable discipline.

Educational objectives

  • To have students appointed as entry-level military officers in the army, navy, air force or marine

Departmental Vision

  • Due to the reduction in the military force and shortened period of military service, applicants to the position of military officers (entry-level officers, petty officers, army civilians) are expected to be lacking. Tuition fee will be entirely exempt if selected as a scholarship student during enrollment in the Department of Military Studies, and students will be appointed as military officers upon graduation. Career paths will be divided into the general arms of service and technical arms of service; anyone who wish to advance to the technical arms of service shall double major or minor in the desired discipline (drone studies, industrial security, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, etc.). Compulsory service and career opportunities are met at the same time when appointed as military officer upon graduation. When discharged as an officer, re-employment opportunity is open into army civilians in accordance with the army civilian expanding policy by the Ministry of National Defense

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year ntroduction to the Military Studies, Military Theories, Theories of National Defense Organization, World History of Wars, Military Physical Education (1,2) History and Nations, Potential Competence Building (1,2), etc.
Second Year Theories of International Relations, Military Psychology, Military Philosophy, War and Civilization, North Korea Studies, Military Leadership (1,2) Potential Competence Building (3, 4), etc.
Second semester Required Japanese Culture and History, Required Cultural Content Production 2, Elective Speech Japanese 3, Elective IT Cultural Tourism Business, Elective Big Data and Cultural Contents Analysis, Elective Applied Japanese 2
Third Year War Theories, Theories of Military Strategies, Theories of National Defense Policies, Theories of Military Information Security, Theories of Weapon System, Theories of Civil and Military Relations, Military English, etc.
Fourth Year Research on Military books, Theories of Military Counselling and Coaching, Military Education Studies, Future Wars, Military Ethics, Risk Management Theories, Theories of National Security Assurance, etc

Career options

Students are instructed to be appointed as scholarship students during enrollment (opportunities available in the army, navy, and air force for 4 years) to be granted military scholarships and financial aids. A variety of career options available through double majoring and minoring

  • Military officers in the army, navy, air force and marine upon graduation; full scholarship if selected as scholarship student during enrollment
  • Full-time military officers for long-term service once appointed (pension for long-term service)
  • Specialized fields such as cyber, drone, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering through double majoring and minoring
  • Army civilians at the Ministry of National Defense or various military units for stable career
  • Defense industry and Defense Acquisition Program Administration favoring military-related disciplines
  • Graduate schools to acquire Master’s or Ph.D to pursue a career as private security expert, researcher at securityrelated institutes, professor in security or military studies in universities, or employment in defense companies who favor related disciplines