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Department of Helicopter & UAM Operation

Department of Helicopter & UAM Operation
Nurturing excellent experts in the helicopter and urban air mobility control field
Department of Helicopter & UAM Operation
Far East University’s Department of Helicopter & UAM Operation nurtures experts in urban air mobility (UAM) and helicopters with excellent flying capabilities. We focus on the teaching/management of students to cultivate correct character traits and production of the best talented individuals required by the country, each army, and industry. Currently, army and national institutions such as the army, navy, air force, Korea Forest Service, National Fire Agency, National Police Agency, and Korea Coast Guard consistently have a need for helicopter pilots with excellent records. In addition, according to the government’s Korean urban air transport roadmap, the UAM development, low-altitude aviation transport management, etc.
are an important project for the government. As such, there will be continuous demand for manned/unmanned helicopter pilots and UAM controllers; Far East University has taken the lead by establishing a department for the purpose of nurturing talented individuals in the field, and we seek to provide great guidance regarding future paths for students regarding the future industry. The department focuses on actual work-focused theory in a systematic manner; with various types of flight training, we will strive to nurture talented people qualified as rotorcraft pilots and UAM controllers.

Educational goals

  • Cultivation of correct character, attitude, leadership, security concepts, and traits
  • Learning of systematic expert knowledge in the helicopter and UAM field
  • Practicing of excellent skill in helicopter and UAM control
  • Cultivation of excellent skill in foreign languages and rigid self-management
  • Enhancement of safety awareness, problem-solving skills, and communication capacity

Department capacity and definition

Department capacity and definition
Department capacity and definition
Integrity Procurement of abundant character & capacity for rigorous self-management and capability of putting the values of the organization first as a military officer or a professional
Creativity(Creativity) Development of creative capacity based on problem-solving skills and willingness to take on challenges
Leadership Cultivation of responsible leadership capable of teamwork, communication, and smooth interchange
Professionalism(Professionalism) Cultivation of threat management and aircraft operation optimized from the ground up through actual flight practice
Globalization(Globalization) Pursuit of better foreign language skills and open world view based on a global sensibility

Introduction of learning areas

  • A general education major for the cultivation of various character traits in college education
  • Major for the Aviation Safety Act, air navigation, aeronautical meteorology, flight theory, Air Traffic communication work, etc.
  • Leadership, mental attitudes, war history, security theory, weapons systems theory, etc. necessary to have/know as military officers

Certifications and work paths after graduation

[Certifications] Complies with the standards of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and relevant institutions during attendance

  • Private rotorcraft pilot (single turbine)
  • Enterprise rotorcraft pilot (single turbine)
  • Instrument flight limited certification
  • Aviation radio operator
  • UAM controller

[Path after graduation]

  • Army aviation officer combat pilot
  • Naval aviation rotorcraft pilot
  • Air force six-squadron rotorcraft pilot
  • National institution rotorcraft pilot areas: Korea Forest Service, National Police Agency, National Fire Agency, Korea Coast Guard, etc.
  • Private helicopter transport businesses
  • Private helicopter tourism businesses