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Department of Visual Optics

Department introduction

Department introduction
A pair of glasses is among the greatest inventions in the human history as it recovers the vision, the most important sense to perceive the world
Department of Visual Optics
The Department of Visual Optics in Far East University has admitted about 30 new students every year since 2016. They have shown a high passage rate in the state optician examinations. Graduates from the Department of Visual Optics are given the opportunity to be certified in optics to open their own clinic, or get a job in eye clinics, optical shops, or optical material companies to overcome the issue of the high unemployment rate in the aging society.


  • Rather than acquire short-term knowledge or skills, the Department of Visual Optics satisfies students’ intellectual curiosity by offering a curriculum faithful to the fundamental academic studies to equip students with creativity and applied skills. Based on this, the students in the Department accumulate expertise and technical skills as promising opticians through the theoretical and practical studies on visual function prescription and preparations. Additionally, students are given the options to take the eyeglass design and house brand making program for the demand for advanced eyeglasses, management. The entrepreneurship support programs, optical engineering certification program and US optician and international contact lenses certification programs are also offered for a career in photonics, and to become global professionals.

Educational objectives

  • The Department educates proactive and creative professionals for national health. The curriculum offers the courses on optometric dispensing on the eyes and eyeglasses, optometry, refraction and binocular vision test, eyeglass manufacturing, optical science, contact lenses, among others to equip future professionals with expertise and practical skills. Also, students learn optical instruments, vision optics, and advanced optics to acquire further expertise, as well as management and distribution skills for their entrepreneurship. Through these courses, students will be qualified for ophthalmic hospitals, optical clinics and optical corporations dealing with contact lenses and eyeglass materials, among other related fields.

Departmental Vision

  • Educating opticians for national vision health
  • Fostering qualified expertise with fundamental principles and concepts on vision optics and science
  • Training advanced craftsmen continually growing with creativity and proactivity in the area

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Entry-level courses in vision optics: Various courses in liberal arts, Introduction to Vision Optics, Basic Optics, Eyeglass Design
Second Year Theoretical and practical courses to become opticians: Ocular Anatomy, Geometrical Optics, Vision Optical Instruments, Eyeglass Manufacturing, Vision Test
Third Year Field-adaptable courses : Optometry, Contact Lenses, Eyeglass Materials, Manufacturing and Processing, Binocular Test, Management and Distribution, Field Practice
Fourth Year Practical field courses: Vision Function Correction, Dissertation Seminar, Vision Optics, Integrated Eyeglass Practice, Laws, etc.

Career options

  • Korean and international ophthalmic hospitals and optical clinics
  • Korean and international contact lenses companies
  • Eyeglass materials and optics-related corporations and research institutes
  • Korean and international entrepreneurship in optical clinics
  • Korean and international graduate schools