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Department of Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation

Department introduction

Department introduction
Fly! Actualize the dream of flying into the sky
Department of Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation
The Department of Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation offers academic theoretical education and piloting practice for future pilots/aviators. To Actualize the dreams and visions of aspiring pilots, the Department cultivates piloting skills and a sense of duty and morality for the safety management and responsibilities in aircraft as the essentials of prospective pilots. The Department offers sequential educations on aerodynamics, aeronautical meteorology, air navigation, air law for AMEs, air traffic service, etc.


  • Promoting language skills through the intensive and immersive English program (KFLP program)
  • Joint education with US universities and aviation organizations (Sierra Academy, etc.)
  • Diversification of entry to aviation education: fulltime program at Taean airfield , Ulgin program, etc.
  • Diversification of the opportunities to training abroad for top performing students in foreign languages: United States, the Philippines, China, etc.
  • Highly qualified faculty with rich field experiences, including private force

Educational objectives

  • The Department cultivates a sense of globalization with open worldview, foreign language skills, integrity, personal development skills, a sense of community, and problemsolving skills and creativity with a challenging spirit, as essential qualities of a pilot.
    Also, the Department seeks to develop a sense of teamwork and interpersonal skills toward leadership, while diversifying advanced pilot training to other provinces and abroad to educate distinguished flight experts with professionalism. During enrollment, students will be certified to become the following: private pilot, commercial pilot, instrumental flight, pilot training, and aircraft radio communication.

Departmental Vision

  • Educating creative flight experts with global leadership skills for the future aviation industry.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Aircraft, introduction to Aerospace, Aircraft engine, Air Laws, Aeronautics I, Navigational Aid
Second Year Aerodynamics, Aeronautics II, Aeronautical Meteorology, Air Traffic Control English (ACT) I, Instrumental Flight, FARAIM, Aeronautics III, Simulation Flight I
Third Year Aircraft Performance, Air Navigation, Simulation Flight II, Air Traffic Control English (ACT) II, Simulation Flight III, Operation Practice II, Operation Practice III
Fourth Year Simulation Flight IV, Simulation Flight V, Simulation Flight VI, Simulation Flight VII, Aeronautics IV, Simulation Flight IV, CRM/TEM, Theories of Aerospace Industry, Aviation Safety Management System, Simulation Flight V, Latest Navigation System

Career options

  • Commercial airline after a military career in the navy or air force as pilot or officer
  • Commercial airline after serving as flight instructor pilot
  • Commercial airline after completing an instructor or internship program in connection with the aviation school in the United States
  • Commercial airline after completing the joint aviation practice program in the Flight Education Center at Far East University and flight practice in Korea or abroad
  • Ground staff at a commercial airline, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, or Aeronautical Research Institute
  • Unmanned vehicle controller, etc