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Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science

Department introduction

Department introduction
Actualize the dream of becoming a professional clinical pathologist to lead the future biological industries
Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science
Clinical pathologists extract samples from the blood, urine, fluid, and tissues of patient in the fields of microbiology, clinical chemistry, physiology, hematology, and others to perform medical tests for analysis. As professional medical experts, they perform other responsibilities related to clinical pathological tests toprevent, diagnoseandtreatdiseases.


  • To educate clinical pathologists in microbiology as future professional experts in medical sciences for the latest medical trend, the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science conducts a variety of domestic and international academic and research activities through specializing education program in microbiology and in-campus clinical test centers. Also, the Department is committed in fostering practical andconvergent professionals in biology to lead the hi-tech laboratory medicine in the 21st century through the exchangeswith the family firms in the campus.

Educational objectives

The Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science in Far East University educates professional clinical pathologists to lead laboratory medicine in the era of hi-tech medicine in the 21st centuryastheexpertswithintegritytopioneerthefuturesociety.

  • To educate independent experts in healthcare science with a body of integrated knowledge in life science, basic medicine, andlaboratorymedicine
  • To produce clinical pathologists with practical diagnostic skills, problem-solving skills, and proactive visions in business
  • Todevelopintoaresearch-focuseddepartmenttoeducate professionals in research and education in Biomedical Laboratory Science

Departmental Vision

  • The Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science in Far East University is a creative-convergent department to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by connecting to medicine andbasic knowledge in life.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Introduction to Biomedical Laboratory Science, Introduction to Healthcare Sciences, Reading Original Text, Anatomy- Physiology, Urine Chemistry and Experiment, Parasitology and Experiment, Biology Chemistry and Experiment, Professional Development and Career Planning, Liberal Arts
Second Year General Microbiology and Experiment I, II, Histology, Pathology, Clinical Molecular Genetics, Food Microorganism Analysis Studies, Clinical Hematology and Experiment I, Instrument Analysis Studies, Clinical Histology and Experiment I, Laboratory Infectious Diseases
Third Year Clinical Histology and Experiment I, II, Clinical Chemistry and Experiment I, II, Clinical Histology and Experiment II, Clinical Hematology and Experiment II, Immunology, Clinical Cytology and Experiment, Immunology & Serology and Experiment, Transfusion Techniques and Experiment
Fourth Year Research Methodology I, II, Special Theories on Clinical Examination, Precision Management, Infection Management, Culture Studies, Clinical Practice in Hospital I, II, BLS Job Analysis Studies

Career options

  • Laboratory medicine and special test rooms in general hospitals and university hospitals
  • Divisions of Biomedical Laboratory Science, Nuclear Medicine, Histopathology, Health Management, Emergency Test Rooms, Electronic Microscope Room, etc.
  • Professional clinical test centers
  • Corporations in diagnostic reagent, laboratories and medical test rooms in pharmaceutical corporations, public health centers
  • Research Jobs in life science in universities and research institutes
  • Civil servants in healthcare in the Ministry of Health & Welfare, Korea National Institute of Health, health centers, quarantine, etc. Healthcare-related associations, insurance companies