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Department of Energy IT Engineering

Department introduction

Department introduction
Fostering multidisciplinary convergent IT professionals with creativity and authentic professionalism
Department of Energy IT Engineering
The rapidly changing world does not require only one area of technologies. In response to the demand for relevant professionals to the invigorated ICT industries in combination with other industrial technologies, the Department of Energy IT Engineering offers hands-on education to foster leading engineers in the new industrial technologies combined with the smart device IT and solar energy technologies in the rapidly growing green energy field under the vision of “educating creative and practical professionals to contribute to the society.”


  • Engineering ethics, knowledge and leadership through practical education on integrity (Smart)
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and practical and application skills through creative thinking (Performance)
  • Balanced ownership of multidisciplinary basics/ expertise and applied skills (Variety)
  • Fostering collaborative and convergence skills based on communication, consideration and cooperation (Convergence)

Educational objectives

  • The Department of Energy IT Engineering develops professional and practical skills in solar semiconductor, module design and packaging, solar development system technologies based on circuit design, electric energy technologies such as power semiconductor and circuits, next-gen mobile communication devices, data and control application development, and ET+IT combination field of next-gen IoT Blue ICT technologies, including device control, with a sense of multidisciplinary convergence and creativity.

Departmental Vision

  • The Department of Energy IT Engineering has been funded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for energy workforce development for five years since 2017 to educate undergraduate students and college students into expert technologists in the ‘advanced track for power semiconductor technologies for industries and electric vehicle.’ Through this project, the Department sets specialized network, educational programs, field practice, workforce fostering, technologies and product researches. Unlike other university education, the Department conducts industrial-academic project with corporations to offer a hands-on education for future corporate professionals.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Basic C programming for Beginners, Electronics Everyone Knows, First Basic Circuit Theories, Energy Engineering in Life, Field Basic Experiments in Electronics, Smart Mobile Service Planning
Second Year Solar Battery Engineering in Life, Practical Mobile Web Development and Application, Creative Digital Engineering, Mobile Contents Production, Easy Semiconductor Device Fundamentals, Let’s Delve into Hardware Structure, Easy Object-Oriented Programming, Algorithm to Develop Thinking Skills
Third Year My Own Web Programming, Following Web Programming, Following OrCAD, Easy Circuit Simulation Engineering, Customized Instrumental Engineering and Experiment, Steps of Database Practice, Easily Explained Operating System, Steps of Communication and Network, Control Programming through Project, Easy Semiconductor Engineering
Fourth Year Practice of Device Simulation for Experts, Team Project with Creative Convergence 1, 2, Learning Startup/internship, Practice Field Project, Creative Capstone Design

Career options

  • Computer engineer
  • Programmer
  • Semiconductor
  • Circuit design engineer
  • System engineer