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Department of Hotel & Tourism Management

Department introduction

Department introduction
호텔 ・관광 경영학과
Developing open professionals in Tourism to lead the happy era of globalization
Department of Hotel & Tourism Management
The Department of Hotel & Tourism Management fosters experts in Tourism with futuristic insights and persistence to play the central role in the field of hotel and tourism, a future-oriented industry in the 21st century. The department offers a distinguished education to meet the demands for specialized services along with the diverse changes in the industry to develop qualified professionals with a theoretical base and practical skills in combination with a global sense.


  • Systematic foreign language education program for global professionals
  • SProfessional service mind cultivation program
  • SVariety of opportunities and information to cultivate a global sense
  • SIndustrial-academic program and field practicum for the development of fieldoriented professionals

Educational objectives

  • The Department of Hotel & Tourism Management offers a balanced education on the general theories and practical education on hotels & tourism. Major course: Theories of Tourism, Theories of Hotel Management, Theories of Service Management, Hotel & Tourism Marketing, Behavioral theories of Tourism Consumers, Cocktail Business Practice, Theory of Hotel Room Management, Theories of Tourism Communication, Theory of Customer Satisfaction Management, Theory of Tourist Goods, Tourism Development Project, Service Management Strategies, Tourism Events, Theories of Travel Goods Planning, etc.

Departmental Vision

  • The Department of Hotel & Tourism Management offers a theoretical education on hotels and tourism environment, education in business administration for corporate management and operation, foreign language education for adapting in the global community, and field education through a systematic educational system to maximize the personal strengths of the students and Actualize their future-oriented aspirations.

Educational program overview

Educational program overview
First Year Theories of Tourism, Theories of Hotel Management, Theories of Service Management, Theories of Tourism Resources, Theories of Alternative Tourism, Theories of Hotel Room Management
Second Year Theories of International Manners, Theories of Beverage Management, Theories of Travel Agency Management, Behavioral Theories of Tourism Consumers, World Travel, Theories of Service Interpersonal Relationships, Theories of Cocktail Business Practice, Theories of Customer Satisfaction Management
Third Year Wine Studies, Theories of Tourism and Communication, Theories of Travel Goods Planning, Theories of Beverage Management, Hotel and Tourism Marketing, Theories of Casino Industry, Tourism Research Methodology, Theories of Convention Industry, Theory of Tourism Goods, Theories of Amusement Facilities
Fourth Year Case Studies in Hotel & Management, Theories of Hotel Room Affairs, Tourism and Development Project, Tourism Regulations, Theories of Human Resource Management, Service Management Strategies

Career options

  • Hotel (Service agencies, management firms, operation firms)
  • Travel package planner
  • Tourism Interpreter and guide
  • Sommelier, barista
  • Expert in international conferences
  • Casino dealer
  • Airlines (flight attendant, ground crew)
  • Festival or event planner
  • Tour conductor (T.C)
  • Graduate schools in Tourism
  • Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Culture & Tourism Institute
  • Party or wedding planner